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2017 Conference in New Orleans

2017 UMAC Annual Meeting
March 22-24

As Communicators, we are called to share inspiring stories of mission and ministry.  However, sometimes we are also called to cover difficult stories that can test the faith of our denomination. 

March 22-24, 2017, join your fellow United Methodist Communicators for a critical 3-day event that can prepare you for the challenge of covering difficult stories. From natural disasters, controversial topics, to senseless acts of violence, learn the best practices to reach the largest audience with critical messages. 

Engage experts from a wide range of communications fields who have actually reported from the front lines of some of our most challenging stories.  Share your experiences with other communicators and bring home practical strategies and technical skills that will better prepare you for the challenging stories you may face in 2017 and beyond.

Scheduled Presentations include:
  • Beyond Thoughts & Prayers: how we respond to crisis
  • A Crisis in Crisis: Rising waters and rising tensions
  • My Voice, My Job: A Correspondents Story
  • Crisis Management and Social Media
  • Embracing a new story:  Rebirth after crisis
  • Reporting a Way Forward
  • TED Talks
    • Words of Hope: The Istanbul Airport Bombing
    • The Theology of Crisis
    • Tainted Water: When the nation comes to your door
  • Speed Trainings:
    • Mobile Cause
    • Managing Snap Chat/Instagram
    • Photographer/Video Must Have Gear
    • Low Cost Websites
    • Key Interviewing Techniques
Scheduled Presenters/Panelists include:
  • Florida Area Bishop Kenneth H. Carter
  • Louisiana Area Bishop Cynthia Fierro Harvey
  • Dakotas Minnesota Area Bishop Bruce R. Ough
  • White House Correspondent Ken Moton
  • MTSO Associate Professor Rev. Dr. Valerie Bridgeman
  • GBGM General Secretary Thomas Kemper
  • GBGM Assistant General Secretary for International Disaster Response Rev. Dr. Jack Amick
  • First Grace UMC Pastor Rev. Shawn Anglim
  • Louisiana Director of Communications Todd Rossnagel

The 2017 UMAC Annual Meeting will be held at the Le Méridien New Orleans, just steps from the French Quarter but in a quieter location. Stimulate your creativity through a new perspective and enjoy complimentary admission to the Contemporary Arts Center New Orleans, the New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA) and the Ogden. Hotel Reservations: 866-961-3321 or online here.


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